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We are an accredited, holistic, evidence-based, non 12-step approach to treatment utilizing SMART Recovery,

Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Program at
Elevate Addiction Services

Elevate’s approach to treatment is unique and focuses on all aspects of addiction including the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of addiction, in that order. Spiritual is not defined by any religion but contains what the individual believes is true to themselves.


Things like their own personal values, their private goals and purposes in life, their honor and self-respect and things that touch them on a deep level would be considered spiritual in nature.


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Nature Walks

Nutritional Supplements

Massage Therapy

Aromatherapy and more…

Upon arrival the client will be evaluated by a M.D. to create a tailored detox protocol. A client may be placed on a medical taper until they can safely go 100% drug free. Around the clock our Detox Specialists are available.


Introduction to Exercise

Dopamine/Serotonin Enhancers

Nutritional Education

Introduction to Mindfulness

Long term substance abuse creates imbalances in the body chemically and physically. With the introduction of physical exercise and proper balanced diet we are able to restore a client’s bio-chemical balances.


Responsibility and Amends

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

SMART Recovery Meetings

Further Mindfulness Education

The main reason substance abuse occurs usually has an underlying emotional cause influencing such behavior. By identifying this issue the client can identify the issue and work to handle it with the guidance of our counselors.


Creation of Post-Treatment Plan

One-on-One Aftercare Counseling

Application of Learned Life Skills

Ensuring a Successful Recovery

Weekly the client will call in to the aftercare counselor that is assigned to them to ensure they are following their own plan and integrating the knowledge that they have learned into their daily lives.

Our Mission

At Elevate Addiction Services, our energy is dedicated to transforming the despair of addiction into a purposeful life of confidence, self-respect and happiness – positively effecting families, communities and society.

Facility Tour

Our Facilities and Surroundings

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Elevate the mind, body, and soul and you CAN overcome addiction

Our Clients' Success

Here Are a Few of Our Successful Graduates and What They Got Out of the Program


Elevate Addiction Services is unique in that it believes the most effective course to restoration is by permitting the body to recover itself normally, which will subsequently bring peace to the mind and also balance to the spirit. We have integrated nutrition , exercise, bodywork as well as outside tasks into the physical part of our program. Our established group of physicians, registered nurses, counselors, fitness instructors, holistic practitioners and nutrition specialists will certainly guide everyone through a procedure of empowerment, self-confidence, happiness as well as peace while additionally taking on issues and helping the client to confront and also eliminate their past troubles and move forward with a clean slate.

  • Detox Services

  • Residential Treatment

  • Holistic Therapies

  • Modern Treatments

  • Family Sessions and Therapy

  • Nutritional Training and Awareness

  • Physical Fitness Including Training

  • Treatment Planning

  • Recreational Activities

  • Relapse Prevention


Some Quotes Clients Have Said About Us

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