Elevate's Philosophy

  • We believe that addiction is not a literal “disease,” but a manifestation of a deeper physical, emotional or spiritual dilemma to be resolved by direct address to these.
    • As such, it is not part of our core beliefs to substitute drugs or alcohol addiction with other drugs or medications which alter cognitive or emotional functions.
  • We believe that individuals are free to believe whatever they may choose.  Only through appealing to an individual’s own sense of reason can one’s beliefs be changed or shifted, not by threatening or coercive means.
    • As such, we believe that our clients may accept or reject any part of the teachings or lessons administered in the course of their recovery.  We ask only that clients sincerely engage in all lessons and activities with the intent of affirming, expanding or shifting their views to healthier ones.
  • We believe that a healthy body mixed with personal determination, self-respect and confidence are more powerful than the physical and emotional aspects of addiction.
    • As such, we believe that the solution lay two-fold; 1st in alleviating the physical and emotional aspects of addiction and 2nd in strengthening individual’s personal determination, self-respect and confidence in living their own life successfully.
  • We do not believe that individuals are mere victims of life or life circumstances.  Though we acknowledge that we can become victimized by life or life circumstances, we realize that only by tackling and overcoming our problems can we create a life we desire.
  • We believe that life should be lived and enjoyed by all who put forth positive efforts to do so and that life should not be lived in shame, guilt or regret.  Life can and should be fun, fulfilling and rewarding.
  • We believe that you reap the rewards of the seeds you sowed yesterday and tomorrow is the result of what you sowed today.  We believe the present is the only time in which positive living, action and change can occur.  By addressing the present, we can alter the course of our future.
  • We believe that laughter, joy and happiness in the present are more important than the dwelling of the sorrows of yesterday’s failures and pain.  The addressing of sorrows, regrets and pains should not become an end to itself but only to the end of being able to experience, laughter, joy and happiness in the present and into the future.
  • We do not push nor advocate any particular religion, deity, God or Gods.  If the client desires himself or herself to pursue such, we will support the individual in their personal quest for such enlightenment no matter what belief system they may choose.
  • We believe that the pursuit of self-betterment under any circumstance is a very noble pursuit.  We support all those who seek such a pursuit as well as any constructive methodologies which seek to genuinely fulfill those pursuits.
  • We are committed to our program and its clients who honestly seek help.  We hope to see our graduates succeed in life in whatever path they have chosen for themselves and will support them in any positive goals they may pursue.

About Us

Elevate Addiction Services strives to deliver the best possible rehabilitation experience to all who seek it.  This is an all-inclusive, totally residential and inpatient drug and alcohol addiction rehabilitation facility in California that offers a well thought out and highly intricate and involved approach to helping clients beat drug and alcohol addiction and substance abuse problems once and for all.

The backbone of the Elevate rehabilitation program has a treatment approach that effectively combines and mixes both Eastern holistic and nutritional programs that focus on healing the mind, body, and spirit along with Western modern, evidence-based treatment and counseling therapies to give everyone who goes there a totally comprehensive program that is found nowhere else.

This is not a chain facility, nor is it a one size fits all program that is modeled after hundreds of other cookie cutter rehab centers. The trained, caring, compassionate and veteran staff at Elevate offer guidance, teaching, compassion, and support to promote and create a positive and enlightening recovery which lasts a lifetime and creates better health of both the mind and body and an eternity of sobriety and recovery to boot.


Elevate Drug Rehab in the Treatment Field

Many of the staff who work at Elevate are proud to have successfully accomplished the rehabilitation of hundreds of addicted individuals with all types and degrees of drug and alcohol addiction problems for over a decade and some for over two decades now.  Elevate Addiction Services is currently one of the only drug rehabilitation programs in the nation which actually actively studies and searches for new ways to help people beat addiction.

This is the concept of improvement through continued learning at work here.  When this is done, if a method is found to be successful and is in fact proven to be successful, the staff at Elevate will incorporate these methods into future programs for future clients.  Another stellar aspect of the way things are done at Elevate is that they survey and query their clients and clients after the rehab program is completed and they are constantly getting feedback from those who have gone to the program.  The staff at Elevate then mold the program to fit exactly what the individual needs and wants to have a better recovery experience. Because of this and other factors, Elevate is respected by addiction professionals for:

  • Having an individualized and ergonomic treatment plan
  • Constantly incorporating successful treatment methods into the program
  • Working to improve the center by getting feedback from graduates
  • Offering results-based and evidence-based treatment
  • Staying away from replacement drug therapy and, “quick fix”, maintenance programs
  • Offering extensive holistic and modern approaches to drug and alcohol detox
  • Creating a safe, pleasant, and varied environment for a comfortable recovery.


Elevate; Pleasantly Located in Santa Cruz, California

The Elevate facility in beautiful Santa Cruz, California is located on a lovely, extensive and expansive twenty-eight acres of country setting property with ocean views, landscape views, and big, clear skies.  The property actually overlooks the outdoors, rural, and highly undeveloped area in the south county area and on a clear day, one can see all the way to Big Sur with the naked eye. Sunsets are typically amazing here, especially in the autumn months and on clear days, of which there are many too. The climate at this rehab center is usually hot and pleasant in the summer and there is even a refreshing pool to cool off in should clients desire to use it. In the winter time the air can be cool and crisp with some rain here and there, but it never gets cold enough for snow.


Private and Comfortable Settings at Elevate Rehab Program

This is a private, inpatient, residential drug and alcohol addiction and dependence treatment center, detox facility, rehab program, and recovery organization.  That might be a mouthful but the one thing that this center is not is it is not a hospital and it never will be.  This is a residential center meaning that living here kind of feels kind of like living in a really, really big house.  There are a lot of other activities that one can do when not in actual treatment itself, and the staff can join them too when they are not actively rehabilitating clients.  In fact, staff and clients may play volleyball, other sports, and other recreational activities together as a group that are similar to the types of activities that one would find at a summer camp.

The feeling at Elevate is not so much of staff and client, but of a large family.  There are no, “clients”.  There are no, “doctors”.  There are staff and clients, and the two types of individuals work together and spend their days together in harmony.  This is a group effort at Elevate.  It is not the feeling of clients being worked on by medical personnel, it is the feeling of staff and clients working together to effect successful rehabilitation from addiction. The whole idea is to make clients comfortable so that they can feel okay with opening up and can become efficiently willing to trust the staff to ultimately help each and every person that comes through the door to solve their problems in a way that leaves them stronger, more capable, and more efficient and affluent than ever before.

A rehab program that heals the whole person; not just the addiction.

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