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For a recovering addicts fitness and proper health routines are crucial in developing positive mentalities to life. Most addicts suffer from dopamine and serotonin losses that are a direct result of substance abuse. In order to repair these broken or abused receptors in the brain a client will begin a complex vitamin and nutrition protocol that is designed to restore the tampered receptors. Combined with exercise routines such as weight lifting and aerobic activity the client begins his or her path of a healthy lifestyle.

  • Weight Lifting

    Under the supervision and guidance of a trainer clients will be able to learn about the importance of form, develop strength and begin a routine to build muscle and create an overall more healthy form.

  • High-Intensity Interval Training

    Clients will have the opportunity to get involved in high intensity interval training (HIIT). This system is taught and supervised by licensed professionals. By working at a high-intensity the clients circulatory system will improve and it is also the most practical form of working out. Using practical exercises that crossover to real life, activities such as lifting large objects in proper form to prevent injuries, this can allow someone in recovery to feel more confident when dealing with situations.

  • Health (Vitamins and Diet)

    Drug use heavily affects natural neural receptors within the brain. Opiates mimic endorphins and floods the body with this psuedo-endorphin which creates the feeling of pain relief and numbness. The issue comes from the fact that the body responds in such a way that it shuts down the receptors and other components responsible for producing natural endorphins and dopamine. Sometimes they have the ability to block these receptors for a long time which can lead a drug user to be unable to feel these natural rewards. Utilizing high quality dopamine and endorphin supplements we attempt to restore these important receptors to enhance the ability for the client to restore these natural chemicals which double as a natural reward stimulated from exercise.

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Exercise and It's Role in Recovery

The human brain experiences a chemical reward when we exercise. There is evidence to show that this can be used as an alternative reward for those battling addiction, which can make staying clean easier.

“I’ve abused alcohol my entire life,” 40-year-old Matt Boston of Sylvania, Ohio, told me. “Running is one of the most important parts of my recovery.” A husband and father of a toddler, he drove home drunk last December, and the fear of what he’d done weighed on him, so he used counseling to get sober.

But he extols running as what helps him stay clean. “I’m in the best shape of my life right now,” he said. Matt just finished his first marathon (in 3 hours and 54 minutes) and hopes to qualify for the Boston Marathon one day. “I can’t say enough about the exercise component.”

In 2011 researchers from Vanderbilt University did a study published in PLOS ONE that involved making a dozen marijuana users run on treadmills for 30 minutes 10 times over a two-week period. These were very heavy users, and they saw a dramatic drop in their cravings and their use of marijuana (a decrease of more than 50 percent) after just a few exercise sessions.

Nutrition and Supplements

  • Restoring the Body and Mind Through Nutrition

    Just how we feel outside, mirrors just how we feel on the in. Often, those that do not offer their body with an appropriate quantity of nutrients will certainly experience a number of physical as well as emotional issues consisting of malnutrition, weight problems, gastrointestinal conditions, health problem, anxiety, depression and low self-confidence. Those with a substance addiction to drugs or alcohol commonly experience these signs and symptoms, along with, lack the capacity to generate chemicals, like dopamine and serotonin, which enable us to feel happy.

    Part of our holistic strategy to treating drug and alcohol dependencies is by revealing to our clients ways to maintain a healthy well-balanced diet regimen. Appropriate nourishment will certainly aid to soothe any kind of malnourishment, repair ruined body organs, promote brand-new cell development within the body and also enhance the general well-being of the person.

  • Vitamin and Mineral Therapy

    There is proof to recommend that poor nutrition and also mental and emotional disorders can motivate drug abuse as a way of coping. Bluntly, when not on drugs the individual feels horrible, so they take medications to really feel much better. To overcome this, we ensure our clients receive a sufficient amount of vitamins, minerals and also amino acids; every one of which aid to stabilize your mood and behavior while enhancing natural energy.

    With the nutritional preparation at Elevate, we’ll get started on assisting you to re-balance your blood glucose levels which after that cause improved coordination as well as memory, lowered sugar desires and also a total improvement in wellness. Given regularly, our supplements will aid to control state of mind, neutralize anxiety and aid the body to begin creating serotonin and dopamine. The vitamins and all-natural herbs will certainly enhance the advantages of the amino acids, aid in healthy and balanced all-natural rest and also recover the health and wellness of the body.

  • Local Herbs and Fresh Produce

    A lot of the herbal supplements which we include in our substance addiction treatment program are regional to the bordering locations. All our dishes are prepared utilizing fresh produce from the local market. Each day, our cook chooses top quality vegetables and fruits guaranteeing that all individuals at the facility will have a vast selection of colors and tastes. Whenever possible, we utilize organic, grass fed or free range food products. Because we are close to the sea, we are able to appreciate newly captured seafood.

    Excellent nourishment can be a lengthy means to restoring the wellness of the mind and body. Through our approach, we will assist to restore your body and also help you to feel invigorated. Contact one of our Admissions Counselors today to being your course to recovery.

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Nutrition plays a key role in how you feel. The better you feel, the greater your chances are for a long lasting recovery.

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