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What to Anticipate

If you have never been to a rehab program before then you should be ready for the experience of a lifetime.  If you have been to rehab before, then you should be ready for a rehab experience that stands out and is on a completely different level than the norm.  At Elevate Addiction Services, the extensive and involved program here is not only a journey for the client but it is also the commitment of a lifetime.  The staff and personnel at Elevate have as their goal the aim and the strongest of ambitions to help people from any walk of life, from any part of the nation, from any age range, sex, demographic, nationality, or class who:


  • Are genuinely interested in and wanting to change their lives and are,


  • Willing to do what it takes to find success and abstinence from drug and alcohol abuse for a lifetime.


Most of Elevate’s clients come to them willingly and are very, very excited to start their new lives there.  There are no failed intervention cases here.  No forced commitments, no clients who are court-ordered from the county or forced by their family to come into the program.  Elevate only works with people who have a sincere desire and a strong passion to work towards a better life and that reflects in the positive culture of our program in a way that makes for a good and pleasant experience for all who go there.

However, we understand people stuck in the horrors of addiction can be unstable and make poor choices. It is fairly common for addicts to require an intervention in order to push them to the point of coming to treatment. We work with professional interventionists with a high rate of success in getting individuals enlightened on why they should change, and ultimately agreeing to come to treatment. If your loved one isn’t currently willing, please don’t give up. Often times they are very scared and anxious. The drugs are altering their thought process and is may be causing them to think irrationally. If they could only see how good they would feel even one week into treatment, they would come. That’s the job of the professional interventionist and in fact, we highly recommend professional interventions because there is usually so much emotion of guilt, shame and blame built up in a family dynamic that it is often disasterous to try to do it alone. Just call us and we will help.

Expect the Best at Elevate Rehab

No matter the program or how one goes about doing it, addiction is addiction and there will be some struggles along the way when one is trying to beat the habit once and for all.  The staff at Elevate understand that folks stuck in the horrors of addiction can be unstable, on a short fuse, and can often make poor choices that affect them and their families and loved ones too.

As studies show that ninety percent of addicts feel as though they don’t have a problem, it is fairly common for addicts to require an intervention whether done a while back or right before coming to a program in order to push them and give them that initial nudge that is needed to get them to the point of coming to treatment.

Though Elevate does not accept clients who do not want to be there, the program does work with professional interventionists with a high rate of success in getting individuals enlightened on why they should change the affects of their substance abuse, a look at the future of what will happen if the addict does not do something to correct his or her behavior, and an ultimate result of getting the addict’s agreement to come to treatment.

If your loved one is addicted to drugs and alcohol but isn’t currently willing to come to treatment, please don’t give up on them by any means at all! You might be their last hope and the last chance that they have at reaching out for help for their addiction crisis. Often times addicts are very scared and anxious and that makes them unreasonable and difficult. The drugs and alcohols that they are taking and abusing are altering their thought processes and is also most likely causing them to think irrationally and pick the course of action that does the most damage to the greatest number of people or the least good to the smallest number of people.

This is where intervention comes in, and Elevate Addiction Services prides itself in liaising with the very best intervention companies that the field has to offer.  If such addicts who are not willing to go to treatment could really open their eyes see how good and how much better they would feel even just one week into treatment, they would jump on the next plane in a heartbeat. Getting the addict to see this truth is the very exact job of a professional interventionist.

They are the ones who make the addicts, “see the light”, so to speak and the staff at Elevate highly recommends that you use a professional interventionist if your family member or loved is unwilling to go to rehab.  It is not usually such a grand idea to try and go at it alone and without a professional, because there is usually so much, (years and years in fact), of emotion of guilt, shame, and blame that is propped up and built up in a family dynamic with the addict that it more often than not does not work when the family tries to intervene with the addict without professional help.

Financing for Treatment

Insurance Verification and Billing

Our goal is to make it as easy as possible to come in for treatment, so we’ve structured our billing department to make the finances of a client’s trip as quick and easy as can possibly be.  Elevate Addiction Services can effectively and efficiently bill almost all insurance companies that accept out-of-network benefits of some kind or another.  We cannot however bill HMO’s, Medicare plans, Medicaid plans, or state-funded insurance policies.

If for any reason you need help checking to see if your insurance is accepted with us, then feel free to give us a call and we will check it for you.  Many insurance plans can seem confusing and our insurance department can easily help you determine your benefits at absolutely no cost to you.  It’s a free service we offer and it’s fast and easy too. If you want to simplify the process even more than that then you can even simply enter your insurance information into our secure Benefits Checker Form and we will call you when we’ve verified your benefits and your coverage, usually within the hour if not within just a few minutes. One of our professionals can and will explain your benefits and if you have a deductible or out-of-pocket costs that must be met, he or she will go over those too.  We try to make the process as easy as possible and we succeed at this, so just give us a call and we’ll help you out with whatever you need.

Many people choose not to use their insurance policy to pay for treatment and instead opt to pay for program on a credit card or to acquire financing to cover the cost of the treatment and rehabilitation program. Even if one of our clients has insurance that we could bill that could cover some of the costs of the program, paying privately for the program can be a preferred option for some clients who want to leave their insurance out of the picture and just use a self-pay option instead.  When both of these options are available to a client this is exceptionally beneficial as one can use both if one desires so as to build up credit for a card, cover what insurance can’t cover, or pick up the dead weight if the insurance company stops paying at the last minute for whatever reason so that treatment does not get stalled.

Another option that we offer to our clients is financing.  If you would like to finance the cost of the program or would like to finance a deductible or out-of-pocket costs even, we have a number of options available to you that you can call on.  We don’t want anything to stop you from coming to treatment, and we certainly won’t let finances get in the way from keeping your from getting the help that is needed for yourself or for a loved one.  Many companies can provide you with instant funding with flexible payment options to boot.  You can even call us and we can help show you what your options are in this area too, and we will help you work out a plan of attack on how to get here as soon as is possible.

Airports & Transportation

We will pick up new clients from any of the following airports at no charge:

  • San Jose (SJC)
  • San Francisco (SFO)
  • Oakland (OAK)
  • Monterey (MRY)

Please call our Admissions Department and arrange to have any necessary paperwork taken care of so that we can schedule the transportation.

What To Bring and What Not To

Tips and Suggestions

What to Bring

We want you to have a good idea of what you should bring with you to the center.  Keep in mind though that if you forget something then that is totally okay.  We send staff to the store on a weekly basis, and you can always order something if you find that you forgot something in the process of packing.  Here’s what to bring with you:

  • Comfortable clothing including T-shirts, sweatpants, shorts, jeans, casual shoes.
  • Flip-flops and a swimsuit for warm days or time around the pool.
  • Loose workout clothing and sports shoes.
  • Comfortable hiking boots if possible.
  • Windbreaker or rain jacket.
  • Sweatshirt or hooded sweatshirt.
  • Sunglasses
  • Toiletries including minimally toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant. If applicable:
  • Reading glasses or contact lenses with lens solution.
  • Pre-approved prescription medication.
  • Any important legal or medical records that would be necessary during treatment.
  • Cigarettes
  • Books, magazines or small music players without internet connection.

What NOT to Bring

  • Any substance containing alcohol such as mouthwash and no drugs that are not pre-approved
  • Provocative clothing or clothing that promotes alcohol, drugs or sex.
  • Pornography
  • Cell phones or other electronic devices that connect to the internet
  • Aerosol cans or other products containing heavy fragrances.
  • Anything that can be considered offensive to a specific class of people or religion.
  • We do not allow cameras for confidentiality reasons and don’t allow most electronic devices. We believe that “unplugging” is necessary to get in touch with yourself and while we can arrange for limited supervised use of the internet for specific familial or business reasons, it is expected to be kept to a minimum. If you have any questions, please ask.

You are about to begin upon the journey of a lifetime.  The staff and the personnel at Elevate very much look forward to meeting you and getting to know you and your family, friends, and loved ones.  We want you to have the best experience possible and we will work hard to provide that for you.  We know that beating a drug habit is no easy task, but we’ve helped thousands of addicts beat addiction once and for all and for good already and we are confident we can do the same for you.  We hope that you are ready to truly find yourself and begin a whole new life as a clean and recovered individual!

We very much look forward to meeting you and getting to know you and any important people in your life. We hope your stay with us will be one of the most positive experiences of your life and that you will go out and succeed in your goals and dreams. We are waiting for you to come to Elevate and discover for yourself who YOU are and how to live the life you always wanted.

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