Starting at the Root Problem

When trying to confront an addiction problem, it’s of the utmost importance to tackle it from the root and get down to the very, very basic reason why someone is abusing drugs and alcohol.  Many rehab facilities will err on the side of treating the outer and obvious symptoms of addiction like the chemical dependency itself, or the habits and mannerism that have come about from substance abuse.  The foundation of what started the addiction is what has to be addressed so that everything else can afterwards fall into place.

With this belief and core basic principle in mind, Elevate has as its main goal to get down to the bottom of the addiction crisis of each and every client who comes to the program for help.  At Elevate, the staff will find exactly what each and every client is trying to escaping from.  If the underlying issue is gone, life is good and there is no need to “escape” because one doesn’t try to escape from something they enjoy at all.  That is why it is so important to tackle the underlying issues as they are and get them handled as quickly as is possible.

Through holistic therapies as well as modern, evidence-based forms of treatment alike and with a fair and balanced approach to treatment, the staff at Elevate Addiction Services treat the physical and mental sides both to addiction, and related issues both that led one down the path of substance abuse in the first place. This one of a kind combination is what will inevitably help one to establish a good grounding in one’s sobriety that will be immensely helpful in future months after rehab itself is completed.

The Elevate Approach to Addiction Treatment

There are multiple different factors that contribute to addiction so therefore there needs to be a treatment that will cover all of these bases.  For example, addiction has groundings in genetics, traumatic experiences, misguided lifestyle choices, guilt or lack of self-respect, stress or chronic pain, etc.  It all adds up.  Because of this, an addiction rehabilitation approach must be multi-faceted and have a multi-modality approach to it.  One cannot get away with a one size fits all bandage approach.  That will just suppress the addiction, never really handle it, and it will just come back.

A Refreshing Alternative to the 12 Step Approach

Being sober is all about being happy and pursuing a new life in a new way.  It is all about starting over, about turning over a new leaf, and about being really excited and energized about the next step in one’s journey towards recovery.  At Elevate, it is believed that sobriety should be a happy experience, not a grim or miserable one.  Sobriety should not just be focusing forever on not using; it should also focus on a whole new game and a whole new set of ideals and goals.

One must never forget that drugs can take that all away in an instant, but one can’t spend his or her whole life worrying about that either.  One needs to find a good middle ground, and Elevate has as its goal creating that middle ground.  At Elevate, the staff successfully provides the tools, resources and compassion needed to rediscover one’s self and achieve a whole new level of confidence, self respect and inner happiness to boot; all of which were once enjoyed without using and can be enjoyed again on a whole new level.

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A rehab program that heals the whole person; not just the addiction

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