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Elevate Addiction Services® prides itself in the addiction counseling and therapy services offered.  All else aside the counseling services are what will rehabilitate the mind, and the physical therapies are what will rehabilitate the body.  Elevate offers a very alternative and unique approach to treating addictions and substance abuse problems, complimented with evidence-based, modern methods to supplement it as well as more holistic Eastern therapies too.

Treatment at Elevate Addiction Services does not include anything that is extraneous or unnecessary by any means.  Every single one of the therapies at this addiction recovery center have been exclusively adjusted for people who are suffering from addiction of one kind or another and only for addiction.  The counseling styles and therapy methods at Elevate have been invaluable in the recovery process for every addict who has come through the doors.  Each method and technique accomplishes something, and combined all together they equate to a total and complete recovery.  The whole concept behind it is that no one approach can completely rehabilitate an individual.  That is outdated ideology.  To truly rehabilitate an individual it is necessary to use multiple techniques to address the multiple aspects of addiction.  In this way, the whole addiction crisis and all its facets are addressed and eradicated.


Expert Help Delivered by Expert Staff

The Elevate program is made capable of being delivered to each and every client through the help of each and every member of a skilled team of staff members, personnel, counselors, therapists, instructors, and specialists.  Clients here are even overseen by a medical doctor on staff who is also an addictionologist and a substance abuse specialist.  Furthermore, this individual has specialized in addiction medicine for over 30 years now.

At Elevate Addiction Services, treatment planning, construction, organization, and delivery is guided by state-certified, licensed, and highly educated and professional counselors and overseen by a licensed therapist too. The program itself was designed over the course of many years and is still added to to this day.  Every time the executive director discovers a new therapy that is being used with success elsewhere and is able to test it, study it, and examine it thoroughly, it is added to the program to serve its purpose of helping clients beat their drug habits once and for all.  In this way, Elevate is always a growing, evolving, changing, program that keeps with the times while holding fast to tried and true methods as well.

Physically Oriented Therapies for the Rejuvenation of the Body

Listed below are just some of the therapies of the Evolve program that focus on healing the body of the deprivations that come with drug and alcohol abuse:

  • Yoga

    Few physical activities can do as much healing for the human body after it has undergone an addiction crisis as yoga can.  An addiction is a symptom of imbalance within the individual. That is exactly what addiction is all about.  Yoga is effective with addicts in recovery because it seeks to restore this balance and nurture it and build upon it.  By practicing Yoga, a recovering addict seek to integrate the body, mind, and spirit to restore and re-balance himself or herself to not only build back to the level that he or she was at before substance abuse was begun, but to even go a step above that too. A yoga session, of which there will be many, will require clients to remain still, focus on their breathing and feel all parts of their bodies.  Drug and alcohol abuse puts one out of touch with his or her body.  Yoga puts the person back in touch with it, and this is the first step towards physical recovery.  Yoga does a lot of other things too.  Yoga makes one focused, patient, strong, resolved, peaceful, happy, and serene.  Yoga imparts a great deal of focus into the life of a recovering addict, something that he or she has been lacking considerably.  This will help the individual see things more clearly and may release negativity and break unhealthy patterns that have come about from addiction. Yoga is good for the body, it creates inner strength of both a physical kind and a mental kind, and it envelops an individual with a blanket of calmness and serenity that he or she might not have felt since before he or she was addicted, if ever at all.  Hundreds if not thousands of some of the most successful rehab centers practice Yoga as a tool for recovering the physical side of addiction, and Elevate is proud to include it in its program.

  • Breathing Exercises and Respiratory Control

    There is a whole side to breathing that is not generally known about.  In fact, there is an entire science between the human respiratory system, breathing exercises, and the effective control on one’s breathing.  Through years and years of research that have gone on over the course of decades it has been discovered that someone will inevitably display a variety of breathing patterns depending on how he or she feels at that time. If a person is stressed about something, they breathe shallow and with light puffs of air; if they are happy, they breathe deep, slow, and smoothly. This science is something that can be used to help bring a human body back up to speed after it has been abusing drugs and alcohol for a long period of time.  Elevate Addiction Services includes this type of physical therapy as a part of its programs, and the staff will teach you or your loved one specific breathing techniques that can be used as a coping mechanism throughout your entire life, as well as an aid in relapse prevention too.  It is an invaluable tool and has already proven the test of time as it has been used time and time again for a few years now by different rehab centers and programs.

  • Massage Therapy and Physical Healing

    When someone has been abusing drugs and alcohol, particularly if they have been doing so for an extended period of time, their bodies will show the effects of it.  Abusing drugs and alcohol is actually a process of literally poisoning the body in a slow, (in the case of marijuana or alcohol), way or in a very fast way, (as is the case with meth or heroin).  People in the early stages of recovery often experience an uncomfortable gap between their body and mind.  Or they might not experience a gap, but instead they will feel numb, pained, or just not totally, “with it”, when it comes to their connection with their own body.  Therapeutic massage helps to bridge this gap and get rid of these extraneous and unnecessary feeling and sensations, and it is a powerful compliment to holistic rehabilitation treatment to boot. A massage aids in detoxification and helps relax the individual too.  It is just as calming as taking a pain reliever but comes with absolutely no side effects like pain relievers do. The physical, emotional and mental well-being are all directly benefited by the healing power of therapeutic touch to different parts of the body.  Massages assist in many different things like blood circulation, reducing stress and tension, muscle healing, sorting out of the nervous system, realignment of joints and bones, and easing chronic pain too. Elevate does not just offer massage therapy, it in fact offers a variety of massages to choose from including Sports, Swedish, Acupressure or Reflexology and more.

  • Body Rejuvenation Therapy and Vitamin Regimen

    This is a crucial and necessary aspect to rehab.  A pretty large percentage of people with addictions have vitamin and mineral deficiencies.  Just the consumption of drugs and alcohol actually seriously depletes the human body of essential vitamins and minerals.  Furthermore, poor dietary habits go along with addiction and can lead to major health problems in the long run too. Elevate considers it of the utmost importance to get this right, and the program seeks to reverse these problems along with any organ, tissue or cell damage through body rejuvenation therapy. This innovative and very holistic addiction treatment makes use of amino acids, vitamins, natural herbal supplements, and minerals.  The process is basically a reparation of the body through the use of these items.  This therapy will help to regulate your mood, reverse feelings of depression or stress and restore the body’s ability to naturally produce serotonin and dopamine and endorphins too.  When the body is nourished to a high degree, natural feelings of well-being are restored, which is actually a relapse preventative and a mood stabilizer too.  The process is included in the Elevate program because its initial objective is well worth the while, and the positive side effects are good too.

  • Nutrition Awareness, Education, and Planning

    One of the most important things to recovery is, believe it or not, healthy eating habits.  Unhealthy eating of junk food, fast food, fatty food, sugars, starches, processed food, and excessive restaurant food, both during drug abuse and in recovery, can lead to unbalanced blood sugar levels, severe cravings, irritability and poor digestion; all of which can lead to a general feeling of sluggishness and lack of motivation that can also lead to a relapse.  Even if this does not create a relapse, it does create a lot of other unhappy and unpleasant consequences.  Nutrition is not typically an aspect to many traditional recovery programs which is to their discredit and is something that they should change.  Elevate Addiction Services has had great successes with this methodology and thousands of alumni clients swear by it as being a part of the Elevate program that, for them, really turned things around and started making life better.

  • Art and Music Therapy

    This is a type of therapy that helps both the body and the mind.  Teaching yourself an art form or a musical instrument gives your body something to do, something to do that does not involve substance abuse.  Similarly, it also gives your mind something to do too, and this could not be more appreciated.  Art and music therapy is incredibly successful for preventing relapse in an individual, and it is now being used by hundreds of programs all across the nation.  Art and music therapy is a creative, innovative, and totally exteriorizing expression of creation which encourages introspection and communication via art and music.  Individuals who participate in music and art therapy find that they are suddenly able to communicate things about their addiction crisis that they were not able to communicate before with the written or spoken word.  This creates milestones in peoples’ addiction recovery process.

  • Adventure and Experiential Therapy

    This type of therapy is good for the body because it gets you out of the building and out into the world.  There’s something to be said for the massive therapeutic relief gained from just taking a walk.  This is perfect for the social shut in, the introvert, or for the addict who spent almost all of his or her time indoors.  Adventure therapy is a unique form of experiential therapy which involves the real life exploration of a variety of activities outside of the rehab center. During the week, when engaged in this type of therapy you will be taken to different locations both on and off the facility campus to do some supervised self-exploration while enjoying the outdoors and all that this beautiful area of the state has to offer. Every Sunday for example, the staff at Elevate will take clients out for a special day trip to a designated location such as a beach, forest, or lake to reflect on the beauty of nature and our role in the world as human beings. This is a huge stress reducer, is good for the lungs, and cleanses the mind and works the muscles and pumps the blood too.

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Counseling Methods for the Healing of the Mind, the Spirit, and the Person Himself or Herself

In addition to all of the physical therapies offered at Elevate Addiction Services, there are also a lot of counseling services offered here too that work to help an individual get to the bottom of his or her addiction from a personal, mental, psychological, and spiritual level. Some of these are:

  • Group Therapy

    This is probably the oldest form of counseling and therapy for addiction that is still in use today.  For that, Elevate would not be complete if it did not incorporate some form of group therapy into and as an integral part of its system and program.  Group therapy is essentially a gathering of individual clients who are receiving treatment at the facility who come together in an environment comprised of safety and trust for the purpose of discussing the issues which they struggle with, express their thoughts and emotions about them, receive support and share valuable advice about it, and in general heal and grow together. The saying goes that two minds are better than one, and this ideology is applied in group therapy many times over.  Group therapy has been around for so long because it is so successful.  Each group therapy session at Elevate for example will have a topic to discuss and work on, but will be facilitated in a way where clients can express themselves in a positive and empowering environment.   In this way, the whole group is able to heal and make progress on that individual topic.  In the next session, they will work on another topic.  In this way, each individual addict slowly but surely sheds the shackles of addiction piece by piece.  These sessions are a time for clients at Elevate to really grow and learn.  They can learn about themselves, communicate, develop trust, identify and express emotions, and learn new skills without the fear of being judged as they are first and foremost amongst their peers.

  • One-on-One Therapy

    One-on-one therapy is essential and has also been around for decades and has been immensely invaluable.  It is an essential component to any residential treatment program and takes place between you and your counselor and is under the supervision of a licensed therapist too.  On-on-one therapy allows a client to be able to dig down to the root cause of his or her addiction crisis and really pull it up and out for all to see.  One-on-one therapy and counseling is said by many to be the backbone of any rehab program, and it certainly plays a huge and very significant role at Elevate Addiction Services.  One-on-one therapy and counseling allows for maximum privacy and confidentiality so that you are able to discuss anything you wish without having to watch what you say.  There is only you and the counselor.  No one else.  You can feel safe and free to discuss anything without worrying about judgment or criticism.  Every client’s one-on-one therapy session is different, and this is because different sessions will all apply to a person differently, and this is because no two clients have the same history, strengths, weaknesses and needs. However, all therapy sessions will include various goals to be established and then reached.  The whole backbone and idea behind these techniques and methods are to get to the bottom of the addiction, find out what is causing it, and eradicate that underlying cause.

  • Addiction Education

    Addiction education is highly beneficial because it teaches a person about how addiction works and what all is involved with it.  Addiction education will work to determine the reasons and triggers which led you or your family member or loved one to use drugs or to abuse alcohol.  Once one understands the fundamentals of addiction, one will be able to effectively lash out against them and do something about them.  After discovering the underlying issues, you and your counselor will work to find healthy solutions to overcome them and essentially get rid of them.  Relapse prevention will also be included here too, as a contingency plan in case the problem comes back at a later day.

  • SMART Recovery Meetings and Sessions

    This is another stellar way of addressing addiction problems and difficulties.  SMART Recovery, (Self Management and Recovery Training), helps individuals gain independence from addiction and assist them in being able to literally separate themselves from the addiction problem itself. The meetings are structured similar to the traditional AA or NA meeting, however the approach that the counselor and therapists take in getting there is quite different.  At Elevate, SMART recovery does things like:


    – Teaches empowerment and self-reliance so that they do not need drugs or alcohol.

    – Encourages individuals to recover and live satisfying lives that are drug free.

    – Teaches tools and techniques for self-directed change that will be all on them, not on drugs.

    – Meetings are educational and include open discussions that are not close-minded.

    – Evolves as scientific knowledge of addiction recovery evolves too, so that the technique changes with the times.

  • Family Sessions for the Rehabilitation as a Family

    There’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that one’s family can very much so be a factor in one’s addiction battle, sometimes as a good thing, sometimes as a bad thing, sometimes as both.  Either way or in both cases, it is always, always, always a better idea to include the family in the process of rehabilitating an addict than it is to keep them out of it.


    Whether a husband, wife, partner, mother, father, son or daughter, the staff at Elevate Addiction Services encourages all family members to be involved in the recovery of an addict. Family sessions play a key role into helping an individual reach long term sobriety.   The family has been and always will be the recovering addict’s strongest safety net and circle of support for him or her, and this is why they should be included in the process.  With family counseling, not only can the addict begin to heal with the help of his or her family, but so can the family members themselves too.  In this way, this type of counseling actually heals and helps the entire group so that after rehab at Elevate is completed, the whole family can start fresh and begin anew as a new, addiction-free, totally clean and sober and remedied individual.


    The family need to be involved from the get go, and this is exactly how Elevate works.  In fact, from the moment the staff begins working the client, they will start to offer support and assistance to everyone involved, not just the addict.  Soon after the addict has been in treatment for a few days, family counseling will begin to take place too. The overall and ultimate goal here is to of course help the client and the family to rebuild their lives in a practical, manageable and successful approach.  The rehab process wouldn’t be all that valuable if the addict got a lot of help but his or her family, the ones that put up with so much and worked so hard to get the addict get into rehab didn’t get any help.  Elevate sees and recognizes this and works to ensure that everyone is helped and assisted.  Family sessions will typically occur 2-4 times per month via phone conference call for out of town clients.  These are invaluable and immensely helpful.  To go the extra mile too, Elevate staff also allow family workshop sessions to be held directly held at the Elevate facilities if the addict is local or if the family want to come see him go her.

    From the moment we begin working the client, we will start to offer support and assistance to everyone involved. Our ultimate goal is to help the client and the family to rebuild their lives in a practical, manageable and successful approach. Family sessions will typically occur 2-4 times per month via phone. However, we also allow family workshop sessions to be held directly held at the Elevate facilities. There is an extra charge for this service; please contact us for more information on this.

  • Graduation Planning, Life After Rehab, and Six Months of Aftercare

    For a lot of people, those first few months after rehab is completed can be some of the hardest ones yet.  Before anyone leaves the facility at Elevate Addiction Services, the client and his or her staff will develop a customized relapse prevention and discharge plan which will address challenges and situations that may occur outside the facility and could affect one’s sobriety. This is a customized and tailor-made plan because each addict’s return home will be different and will involve different challenges and circumstances.  This plan will of course revolve around the individual’s needs and will act to help to overcome triggers, deal with daily life problems, and most importantly, avoid a relapse.


    Finally, Elevate has one last service that is offered to clients to really ensure that they make it in life after rehab is completed.  Elevate clients who successfully graduate the Elevate program will receive 6 months of aftercare as a part of their program. Prior to leaving the facility, clients will schedule their call-in time where they can talk about any challenges, issues and progress made and they will get set up with an aftercare counselor before they even leave the center. These sessions will be held once a week via phone, with both the graduate and staff referring to the discharge plan and going over it in detail. This service is invaluable as it really helps ensure that the client stays on the right path to sobriety and everlasting recovery.

Healing the body, mind and spirit through real life, integrated therapies